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Project “Protected Home TOGETHER” has two phases of realization:

The first phase includes preparation of architectural engineering design and construction as well as acquiring an Occupation Permit and the second - ensuring the social activity of the protected home for a minimal period of 10 years.

On 25.09.2006 municipality Bojurishte granted to the Foundation “Protected Home TOGETHER” construction rights together with the right to use the building for a time period of 12 years (2 for building and 10 for realization of the social part of the project) and an agreement was reached that Construction has to be finished by September 2008, when the second phase should start.

On 25.04.2007 the ground breaking ceremony took place in the presence of adherents and contributors.

Why does it make sense

State Institutions for orphans cannot provide (in the required degree) an adequate care to the children, raised there.

The orphans raised in institutions are not only deprived of parental care...
...they are deprived of an equal start in life compared to young people of their age upon reaching maturity
...they are deprived of opportunities for good professional chances
.. .they are deprived of the support of relatives
...they are deprived of a home and security
...they are deprived of a true concept about
...they are deprived of opportunities and knowledge to deal with even simple social situations...

The young people, leaving institutions due to reaching lawful age have only themselves. The meaning of project "Protected home TOGETHER" is to give them all that from which they were deprived of, so they would be able to lead an independent and honest life.

The expected results are …

Project "Protected Home TOGETHER" expects that the stay of young people, who have left the institution for orphans due to reaching lawful age, would be between 3 months and 1 year. This means that as a result of project "Protected home TOGETHER", 100 to 400 young people would have the opportunity to lead a selfsufficient and praiseworthy life, taking care of themselves and their families.
In this case, project "Protected Home TOGETHER" is not only a charity project, but rather an invesment in the future of our society.

The goals of the project are

The goals of project "Protected home TOGETHER":
• To give the needed social skills to young people, who have left institutions for orphans upon reaching lawful age, so they would be able to cope with different social situations and also be able to provide adequate care for themselves and their children;
• To give them an opportunity to visit professional and qualification courses, which would raise their chances to find an honest job;
• To provide them with proper housing for the duration of their training;
• To encourage young people to continue their professional education in an university or other educating institution, as well as assisting them with professional consultations;
• If needed, to give them psychological help and support in due time;
• Provide help to young women - lonely mothers in regards to raising their children, so they wouldn't be abandoned in an institution;
• To assist them when searching for a job, through organization of meetings with potential employers;
• To help their social reintegration through organization of meetings and events with representatives of the local community.

Whom does it help?

Project “Protected Home TOGETHER” aims to help young people who have grown without parents' care. With reaching the age of 18 they should leave the children institutions not knowing where to live next, how to make a living or how to care for themselves. A small portion manages to succeed. Others become criminal. Many of the girls are forced to prostitute. Some young women, in their struggle to make a family, become lonely mothers, unable to care properly for their children. These children are threatened to grow in an unequal environment and are left in the institutions themselves.
Project “Protected Home TOGETHER” aims to help these young people, granting them a temporary home, giving them the possibility to study and develop professionally and ensuring them with a consulting and psychological help so that they can be capable of caring for themselves and their children.
The youths will have the right to stay in the protected home for a maximum period of 1 year during which they will be assured with normal life conditions (the project aims to have 10 persons in the building at the same time, each of whom will have a separate room). They will be able to attend professional and qualification courses where they will get the needed help to orient in the community and in their own wishes and skills for realization. They will also meet potential employers and will be given psychological help if needed. Parts of the building will be accessible to the whole village in order to help those young people adapt to the surrounding society. Those parts will include a kindergarten, computer lab, rooms for studying where local youths together with the inhabitants from the home will be able to attend professional and qualification courses.

What is it all about?

Project “Protected Home TOGETHER” aims to erect a building near Sofia, which will be a home for young people, who have left the orphanage institutions due to coming of age. These young people (including lonely mothers) will have the opportunity to live there for a period of one year. During this time they will have the needed conditions to acquire professional and social skills.

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