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Invited by our colleague, Alexander Ranev, we, the team and the youths visited students from the Department of Social pedagogy and attended their classes. It was a pleasant and motivating for all meeting– our youths touched a dream that they could continue their education onto the university level, while the students met face to face […]


Planting new trees and bushes in our yard

The youths from Protected Home Together were happy to plant new trees and raspberry bushes – a donation from our good friend – Svetla. From all our heart – thanks to her for the generous help!



Hello dear friends! We started something really new, from this month on we are committed to giving volunteer work to the Saint Cloister “St.St. Cosma and Damyan”. This Sunday, the youths and the team of PH “Together” were met warmly by the abbot of the monastery. After a short talk, we took to work and […]


We celebrated the sixth birthday of Protected Home Together

Thank you, all friends, who responded to our celebration. Our colleagues from other social projects, current and former participants in our program, and officials from the state and municipality administration were our guests. They attended the preparation of different kinds of banitza (traditional Bulgarian dough pie). Some of our guests were also part of the […]


Today is St. Mina

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church is celebrating the day of St. Mina, the patron of the family. He is also considered the defender of the orphans and the homeless. St. Mina is the wonderworker and patron of all folk healers, witch doctors, warriors, as well those who have taken a long road. The Saint also protects […]


Happy Nameday!

Today is the day of St. Archangel Michael. Happy nameday to all bearers of the name!

В НХГ 2014

Visiting a Photography Exhibition

One more time, the National Fine Arts Gallery welcomed Protected Home Together. We visited the exhibition halls with photography expositions from Spain. We also saw paintings and sculptures related to the glorious time of King Samuil and the exhibition of Nicolay Nicov. With held breath we stopped in front of the four original drawings of […]

Shot Put

Sports Day in Protected Home TOGETHER

The autumn Sports Holiday on the lawn in front of our house in Gurmazovo passed in exhilaration and interest! Apart from our youngsters, also the boys and girls from Concordia – Bulgaria took part. The really beautiful weather (not quite usual this summer) was on our side. It was real fun – shotting (actually free […]


Autumn gathering of “Friends Together” Club

On September, the 27th, 2014 the traditional autumn gathering – Sports day will be held in our house in the village of Gurmazovo. We invite all our members and supporters to join us at 14:00 hours.