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Tournament chess and table tennis

A chess and table tennis tournaments took place simultaniously recently in PH Together. The idea emerged spontaneously but brought to pure enthusiasm and competition spirit. All participants and guests enjoyed a wonderful day filled with bright emotions. The winners are: Chess: 1. Anatolij Pavlov 2. Angel Tomov 3. Toshko Karaberov Table Tennis 1. Dimtcho Todorov […]



In Bulgaria, Palm Sunday is known as Tsvetnitsa (tsvete is flower) or Vrabnitsa (varba is willow). People with flower-related names celebrate this day as their name day. Be happy!



On the 27th of March, 2015, the International Day of the Theatre, the young people and the team of PH TOGETHER visited the students’ stage of the Theater Academy to see the performance of “Do not Let Your Spirit Down”. To our surprise we came across the President of the Republic of Bulgaria in the […]


TOGETHER to a remote training

Today, in partnership with our friends from VEDAMO, young people from TOGETHER took part in a remote training session. The first to “enter” the room was Antoine who opened his profile in the programme and contacted directly his tutor. The initial feeling of discomfort was quickly substituted by a true interest towards the possibilities and […]


It is Todor’s Nameday!

The Orthodox Church is commemorating St. Theodor Thiron today. During his time,the Roman Emperor Julian Submissive (332 – 363 AD) wanted to restore paganism. As he knew that the Christians held a strict fast for 40 days before East, the emperor decided to disgrace the believers cheating them to eat food of animal origin. He […]


With our young friends we was at the Vitosha mountain.



On January 13th, our student Vanya and her partner Ljubo got their first child – Ljubomir Jr! We are all happy!


It is Ivan’s Day!

Today, the Orthodox Church celebrates the day of St. John, the Baptist, and the prophet who preached and baptized Jesus Christ. People, bearing, perhaps, the most famous name in the Christian world are celebrating today. Blessings to them all!