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President’s Ball 2015

Two of our graduates have represented us with dignity on the traditional ball, organized by the President of Bulgaria, Mr. Rossen Pleveneliev. Iain and Tony were very stylish in their marvelous suit and dress. Both attracted the attention of guests and media. We thank from all the heart “Adelly” for the generous gift, the prom […]


Holy icon in the Montenegro Monastery

This last regular visit of the youngsters and the team of PHT to the Monastery of Gigen was related to a special event in the monastery. We bowed to the Miraculous Icon of St. Virgin from the Koznitza Monestary. Relics of four saints: St. Haralampius, St. Dionisius, St. Pantaleymon and St. Petka are inbedded in […]


Mousaka in Protected home “Together”

During the weekend an entertaining culinary event took place in our house. A “combat was fought” between the two mousaka (local meal similar to lazagna) experts: Ivo Panteleev, chair of the PHT Foundation and Vanya, our recent participant and the mother of the newly born Ljbomir Jr. The independent vote unounonimously selected Vanya as the […]


When Time Comes to Give Back Help ….

It is the first time that we, in PH Together, have this experience! One of our former disciples, who took part in the programme several years ago contributed with a generous donation in cash of 400 euro for the upholstry of our lounge. He is currently successfully doing on his own abroad. What’s even more, […]


Spring Guests

The Holy Monday after Easter was celebrated in Protected Home Together with a little but cozy party with barbique and plenty of home made delicious food. Dear guests were Professor Lilkov, neighbours of our home and local municipal councellors. A most pleasant surprise was the Easter baked lamb! Many thanks!


Christ is Risen

The youths in Protected home TOGETHER celebrating with their multicolored eggs. We wish you bright holidays!

Faculty Follies in the American College of Sofia

For another consequent year our friends from the Am erican College of Sofia organized again for the 7 th time Faculty Follies, a charity event dedicated to Protected Homan TOGETHER. The variety of performance on the stage ignited lau ghter and applauses for more than 2 hours – fresh and young like the spring.


Tournament chess and table tennis

A chess and table tennis tournaments took place simultaniously recently in PH Together. The idea emerged spontaneously but brought to pure enthusiasm and competition spirit. All participants and guests enjoyed a wonderful day filled with bright emotions. The winners are: Chess: 1. Anatolij Pavlov 2. Angel Tomov 3. Toshko Karaberov Table Tennis 1. Dimtcho Todorov […]



In Bulgaria, Palm Sunday is known as Tsvetnitsa (tsvete is flower) or Vrabnitsa (varba is willow). People with flower-related names celebrate this day as their name day. Be happy!



On the 27th of March, 2015, the International Day of the Theatre, the young people and the team of PH TOGETHER visited the students’ stage of the Theater Academy to see the performance of “Do not Let Your Spirit Down”. To our surprise we came across the President of the Republic of Bulgaria in the […]